VE Day Remembered: I Witness, 20 Years On

Len Heath – British Expeditionary Force 1939-40, D-Day Veteran This week sees the VE Day 75th anniversary and celebrations are planned to mark the end of fighting in Europe (the war continued in the Pacific for another 3 months). This has led me to look again about a project that undertook 20 years ago, exhibited […]

Photography in Lockdown: Photographing Birds

Like many a frustrated photographer I have been looking for ways to exercise my creative urges whilst observing the very important guidelines to stay at home and maintain social distancing. In my previous post ‘Photography In Lockdown: Motivations & Limitations’ I suggested that one possible outlet might be to attempt photographing the birds that  come […]

Photography in Lockdown: Motivations & Limitations

What extraordinary times we find ourselves in. The the threat from the global covid-19 pandemic is a serious concern for all of us and it doesn’t look like the ‘lockdown’ is going to be lifted for some time. The photography business like many areas of the economy is effectively on on indefinite hold and teaching […]

Duncan Shepherd