Sarah – Artificial Insemination Technician

Sarah i Artificial Insemination Tech

Sarah is an artificial insemination technician. An unlikely profession perhaps for someone living in the suburbs of a large costal city, which might make you wonder how this came to be.

First off, this is not Sarah’s only link with agriculture. In fact she has extensive experience of working with dairy cattle having  spent many years living on a small holding in rural New Zealand, managing livestock, growing a variety of crops and working on other farms milking and labouring to supplement here income.  It was in this period that Sarah became aware of the roll of the ‘AI Tech’ and recognised the opportunity to extend her earning potential. Following short but intensive training, Sarah qualified and practiced in New Zealand.

Approximately 5 years ago, Sarah returned to the UK and now undertakes spring and autumn runs working with a number of farms in southern England. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shadow Sarah for the day and find out more about her, her work and the importance of artificial insemination to modern dairy farming.

After the day we managed to sit down and I recorded an interview to allow Sarah to explain in her own words what her role involves, the daily challenges and  how she came to this rather unusual profession

Sarah – Artificial Insemination Technician

Working with Sarah I have created this video portfolio which I hope gives some insight into the world of dairy farming and the need for a specialist like Sarah

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